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Education systems do not prepare us for adulthood.  We are not taught how life really works and how to function like a human being and how to have healthy relationships with others, and more importantly, with ourselves.  At EFA, we are filling the void by giving you the rules and tools to emotionally handle life’s […]


Here you can find great resources and inspiration to get started and learn how to help yourself and become your own best friend. All four aspects of optimum health are acknowledged to revitalise you: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. There are numerous, simple ways to help clear away the negative debris of life’s disappointments, problems, […]

What else we offer

What else we offer

Individual Sessions

This is the space where you can work on your issues with a qualified therapist on an individual basis. You have the opportunity to talk about things you are not comfortable to talk about with family or friends. Even if you do, sometimes it takes you nowhere. Sometimes you may have no one to talk […]


In EFA we offer two courses for you to ….   Life 101 is the elementary education that everyone needs to know in order to live in modern society.  This course presents a large menu of options to feed yourself mentally, and more importantly,  emotionally.  We have to feed ourselves physically with food and water, […]


There is a selection of books we have written and read to recommend, so you can begin the learning process to become more emotionally fit. These books should have been our textbooks in high school preparing us with the inner skills to manage our lives.  Click on the book to see the library.


We have a range of articles that are not only informative but also provide a range of practical tips and tools for you to try out and implement in your daily or weekly routine to be healthier, happier and kinder person that you currently are. Check out our Blog section and its categories to have […]










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Who can benefit from our content and services?

With EFA you will get help with issues such as:

  • depression and suicidal thoughts
  • stress & work-related stress
  • anxiety
  • bereavement
  • career issues
  • unfulfilling relationships
  • low self-esteem
  • anger management
  • stuck in a negative mindset
  • and others...
Depression in UK
Work related stress
Dissatisfaction with your current life situation

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Are you afraid to spend time alone? It’s essential. Here’s how to think about it to overcome it. 

Do you know how to be your own best friend?  What does that really mean?  Find out by devoting time to spend with yourself.  You are a somebody.  How well do you know yourself?  Do you avoid spending time alone? The education system has us believe that we are not important.  We are coerced to […]

How to know if you are emotionally fit

Here is a question we received from a follower on the EFA Facebook page: How to measure emotional fitness? Emotional fitness is not something you measure in points, grades, numbers etc. It is something you feel and others can observe. It is not much different than physical fitness in that matter. If you are physically […]

How to find time to relax every day

The Western world has become a fast pace society, especially noticeable since the new millennium.  It’s become more and more difficult to find time, never mind energy, to relax and slow down to recharge our batteries.  Even machines can get overheated and stressed out to the point of breaking down if overused too much.  We […]

A New Mindset for 2018

2018 is now here whether you are ready or not. What are your thoughts about the new year. Is it something you welcome and look forward to, or is it just another year? If you want to take charge of your life and make decisions for yourself, then now is the time to change and […]

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