About Us

We are a small, dedicated team based in Edinburgh. We realised we are like-minded and very complimentary with our direct approaches to helping you get back on track. Our function is to create a working relationship with our clients through approaches that cultivate empowerment and independence. We enjoy helping people who are ready to be helped. We can help you make changes and make overcoming challenges so rewarding. We look forward to meeting you and helping you to overcome difficult life situations and to find lasting solutions. 

Nancy Kogut: Self-help Advisor, Author, Master of Science in Education

Since my teens, people have been drawn to me to tell me their woes at the bus stop, in a shop, at work, or any social setting.  I have always enjoyed having one-to-one conversation on a deeper, meaningful, helpful, real level that aims to share and seek the truth.  I highly value the exchange of perspectives and experiences with anyone who trusts me to listen.  That led me to become interested in effective communication skills; therefore, I have completed and received the COSCA Counselling Skills Certificate.

​I've had a fast track life of personal growth experiences in relationships, moving to start a new life nationally and internationally, and changing career paths.  These experiences often help me to offer helpful insights of how to manage the thoughts and the feelings evoked by them.As a natural teacher, I made a career change to get a Master of Science in Education.  This gave me exposure to the primary school curriculum in four different countries.  I was realising that the education system still fails to teach how life really works and teach how we are meant to function like human beings. My work here is to fill in these voids of the education system, by teaching people how to psychologically survive living in modern society.  Too many people are suffering unnecessarily with stress, loneliness and poor health.  People often develop addictions and sometimes self-destructive ways.  My goal is to help people replace unhelpful habits with easy ones that support you in becoming your own best friend.

The therapy method I use

I listen and respond appropriately to help you gain self-knowledge and self-awareness. Like any professional, I have taken courses, seminars, read key personal development books, and continue to do so to keep expanding my knowledge and experience of dealing with life's challenges.  There are simple ways to transform bad feelings into good ones.  The sessions with me are an opportunity for people who need to rejuvenate from depression, worries, fears, and stress.  I will listen to you and teach you how simple it is to feel good at any moment. You can begin to feel good in the first session and walk away with helpful mental and emotional skills.

Through 10 years of learning, practising and experimenting, I've acquired 23 different DIY methods to lift your mood.  It's like a menu to work with you. You will be acquiring these methods and then able to use them on your own, to lift your mood. They can be both a quick fix and effective long-term strategies.

“The most significant relationship we can ever possibly have in our life time is the one with ourselves,

and that is the relationship that is most neglected.

No wonder people are too often struggling and suffering unnecessarily.”

Nancy Kulyk (Founder of Emotional Fitness Academy)

Radek Kogut: Counselling, Co-Author, Postgraduate Diploma in TA Counselling

I went into counselling because I really love talking with people. What has always interested me is the ‘magic’ happening between two interacting people resulting in mutual understanding, engagement, sharing personal things and feeling better by the end of it. My purpose however is not to make you feel better but to enable you to learn something about yourself, identify concrete possibilities for change and to know that I will respect and invite your self-understanding and personal responsibility. It is so rewarding to see clients using their inner resources to move forward in life. My goal is to help you activate these resources to achieve a more satysfying and fulfilled life.

I want my practice to reflect my unique characteristics, insights, and ways that I work with people. I love providing clients with tools so that they can help themselves. I want to be proactive and meaningful, your time and money is valuable. I'm already looking forward to meeting you.

The therapy method I use

I completed four years of postgraduate training in Transactional Analysis counselling and psychotherapy and have been rewarded Postgraduate Diploma in TA Counselling by Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh.

Transaction Analysis (TA) involves a contractual method. It means that both client and therapist take joint responsibility for achieving the desired change.

TA uses the three Ego states model of the Parent, Adult and Child to explain how you function and express your personality through your behaviour in various relationships and life situations. We also use a number of different useful models that help you to make sense of your experience, identify unhelpful or blocking patterns and move on with your life. In my work however I tend to use an integrative approach utilizing different practical techniques and tools that are most appropriate and beneficial for the client. You can take these home and use them to your benefit to support yourself in between sessions.

I am dedicated to provide a safe environment to explore and work on issues that concern you. I believe in a changing power of safe, open, mutually respectful relationship between client and the therapist that allows you to explore your difficulties in different areas and make a decision to introduce your desired changes.

“How do you want love in your life if you don’t spread love yourself.” 

“Don’t just read how to be happy. Practise it every day even if it’s for five minutes.”

Radek Kogut (Founder of Emotional Fitness Academy)