A New Mindset for 2018

2018 is now here whether you are ready or not. What are your thoughts about the new year. Is it something you welcome and look forward to, or is it just another year? If you want to take charge of your life and make decisions for yourself, then now is the time to change and create!

The Mindset
You can’t create if your mind is not set for new beginnings. A new year is an opportunity to make decisions, set goals, and make healthier lifestyle changes that you would like to experience and see happen in your life. What have you decided you would like to experience this year? Do you have a desire that this year will be better than the last?

If your answer is yes, then how about a new day - tomorrow, a new week – this week, and a new month – this month. Don’t postpone introducing new habits that will better your life. A year sounds comfortably long. Long enough to put any changes off for later. You need to break it down and start creating the new opportunities and changes for the better straight away.

Don’t forget to set sensible benchmarks and stages to celebrate your progress and achievements. It is important to acknowledge them no matter what your final goals are. Personally I find it very helpful to use what I call ‘first work, then reward’ routine. I use it whenever I have to do something daunting or challenging so I would have something to look forward to after having it done first.

The Wheel of Life
For many who like to make new years resolutions and not fulfil them, how about considering that it is a new month? What would you like to focus on in January? Do you know what you would like to start changing in your life? Let’s look at an example of a Wheel of Life.

There are eight different areas we have to juggle in life. It is interesting to see it in a picture and in words. Which ones are you juggling too much and how many? Which ones are you neglecting? Find out by rating each area on a scale of 1 to 10.  You can print it out and use different colours to highlight different areas.

Create a healthier, happier you
Based on what you discovered about yourself and how much of your life you are managing? What areas of life do you want to improve and get in balance with the other areas you have already taken care of?

A time to be a scientist
You have whole year to experiment and make corrections in your life. Start from this month and pick one area from the Wheel of Life to focus on and experiment how you can create a healthier and happier you in this area. Like a scientist or even like a psychologist, notice how you feel, listen to those new inner guidance nudges to take action and be mindful of your chosen goal. Make observations in a journal or just acknowledge the changes in your mind at the end of each day. To achieve your goal, be solution-orientated, instead of focusing on what is wrong.

Be a leader, not a follower
If you don’t have people in your life who are good, healthy role models for you or you don’t have people who inspire you to be healthier and happier, then be your own leader. If you follow what everyone else is doing and you can see that they are not succeeding, then clearly you get the same mundane, unhealthy results and experiences as they are. In that case, you have to ignore what those people in your life are doing and be your own leader. This will make you independent and will help you focus on yourself. Listen to your inner nudges and devote more time to yourself to make progress on your desired changes.

Don’t think about all these changes too much. It is easy to get overwhelmed and quit before you start when you do that. Just take even the smallest step, keep doing it for a week and you will see the results and notice that you are already making yourself feel better. This will be the encouragement you need to keep going.

One thought on “A New Mindset for 2018

  1. Leader of my life! There is a power in that statement!
    This year has been challenging so far and make me think about my future life and my personal development.
    You can have a milion thought and diaries and plans… but if You are not ready inside for the changes they going to stay just the statements…

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