Our Mission


Are you ready to look at the truth?

Do you desire change?

Are you ready to gain self-knowledge?

Do you desire to move forward with your life?

Are you stuck and want help?

Are you ready to learn how to become your own best friend?


Are you struggling to keep your chin up?

Are you feeling exhausted and unhappy?

Do you find yourself experiencing the same unsatisfying situations or relationships in your life?

Are you struggling to come to terms with a painful event in your life?

Do you want to improve the quality of your life?


You are not alone!!!

In EFA we offer a variety of tools, like a menu, for you to find what you are looking for to help you through your time of need.

You have two options to learn the skills you need to improve your life. You can choose the education path and use our courses and individual sessions professionally tailored for your needs.

You can also start with the self-help approach and use our books and articles in the blog to provide you with plenty of inspiration.

Have a look below.


Education systems do not prepare us for adulthood.  We are not taught how life really works and how to function like a human being and how to have healthy relationships with others, and more importantly, with ourselves.  At EFA, we are filling the void by giving you the rules and tools to emotionally handle life’s challenges and how to manage yourself with the ups and downs in everyday life.


Here you can find great resources and inspiration to get started and learn how to help yourself and become your own best friend. All four aspects of optimum health are acknowledged to revitalise you: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

There are numerous, simple ways to help clear away the negative debris of life’s disappointments, problems, conflicts, stress, and major and minor challenges that can accumulate and pull us down.

Everything in life is temporary, and so is the situation you are down about. You can begin to take charge of how you think and feel on a daily basis, and stop letting negative thoughts and feelings be in charge of you. Resources here will provide you with some DIY quick, simple methods of how can get relief, energy and strength while dealing with difficulty. When you boost your mood, you boost your immune system too!

It doesn’t matter what is bringing you down. The rules and tools remain the same to lift your mood! It just takes a bit of learning of how you can get immediate positive results… any time!


See the four options below and check out our blogs.

Individual Sessions

This is the space where you can work on your issues with a qualified therapist on an individual basis. You have the opportunity to talk about things you are not comfortable to talk about with family or friends.
Even if you do, sometimes it takes you nowhere. Sometimes you may have no one to talk to. By coming to counselling here, you get to talk about what is happening in your life and to look at it from a different perspective. It is an opportunity for you to recognise what are unhelpful or limiting patterns in your life, and to see if you want to change them.
In the initial session, we have a short chat about the issue you would like to work on. We get to know each other a little bit and decide if we want to undertake the work together.

At Emotional Fitness Academy, we are expert strategists, helping our clients with their most complex challenges and find suitable solutions with you, so you can achieve personal growth and move forward with your life. We begin by helping our clients choose where to focus in order to get the most effective working time together. We aim to be efficient and effective at the pace you want to work.


In EFA we offer two courses for you to ….


  • Life 101 is the elementary education that everyone needs to know in order to live in modern society.  This course presents a large menu of options to feed yourself mentally, and more importantly,  emotionally.  We have to feed ourselves physically with food and water, which often improves our mood and ability to think more clearly.  Now, you can learn how to feed yourself emotionally to improve your mood and handle life’s challenges faster and better.


  • Life 102 is the secondary education that follows, which goes deeper.  This course presents five different topics about intangible things that happen with life’s events and within ourselves.  It’s like becoming a nutritionist.  A nutritionist eats every day just like everyone else, however, a nutritionist knows the details of how to nourish for health, vitality and harmony.  You too, can learn the details of how to nourish for health, vitality and harmony.  You too, can learn the details of how to internally think properly and nourish yourself emotionally in order to heal, clear and decide how to move forward through an unpleasant situation.


There is a selection of books we have written and read to recommend, so you can begin the learning process to become more emotionally fit. These books should have been our textbooks in high school preparing us with the inner skills to manage our lives.  Click on the book to see the library.


We have a range of articles that are not only informative but also provide a range of practical tips and tools for you to try out and implement in your daily or weekly routine to be healthier, happier and kinder person that you currently are. Check out our Blog section and its categories to have a taste. Click on the icon to go to Blog.