Do you notice that when you are thinking about the past or the future you also have a feeling associated with those thoughts.  When the thoughts make you feel bad, such as sadness, anger, or worry, how do you stop feeling bad and return to feeling calm or content?  EFA provides an education of how to be in control of your thoughts and emotions, plus you also get to learn a menu of 30 ways to choose from to get back to feeling good again.



Do you notice that your body sometimes gives you a nudge, an idea, or repetitive guidance to make healthier changes?  Is it to have more rest or more activity?  What about a change of eating habits and sleeping routine?  Our bodies are smarter than we are.  So why weren’t we taught how to listen and obey without delay?  EFA provides an education of how to listen to your body’s intelligence guiding you how to take care of it.  When you learn and practise how to obey without delay, you prevent illness from happening. 



Do you notice that you have a quiet inner voice that counsels you?  If you are religious, spiritual or neither, you may call this inner voice, God, Spirit, Universe, Your Higher Self, or how about Intuition?  EFA provides an education of how to become more intuitive and trust that gentle, inner voice.  You’ll also learn how to tap into this wise inner voice by accessing it through the menu of 30 ways for you to choose from.  When you practise accessing your natural intuitive communication, you grow in confidence with making decisions and life changes.